HGIII Cosplay

Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph // Cosplayer : hgiiicosplay // Photo : NixValley

I’m always looking for plus size characters to cosplay and Ralph from Wreck It Ralph was on my radar for a while. Not just because he’s 9 ft tall and weighs 643 lbs but because of one of my favorite quotes/messages from the movie… I’m bad and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.

I love this quote for many reasons, mainly it reminds me to accept myself for who I am. I find it difficult sometimes for me to not compare myself others and want to be them, but at the end of the day… there’s no one I’d rather be than me.

After several failed attempts to find some plus sized brown overalls, I decided I needed to make my own. So after a few long hours of using bleach and brown dye, voila brown overalls! But then came the shirt, orange flannel shirts aren’t easy to find and I had to make my own shirt too. Luckily I found some fabric on Amazon that looked just like Ralph’s shirt. The wig was ordered from Arda wigs and was styled by myself. Vanellope’s “You’re My Hero” medal I found on Etsy by Girly Meets Geeky, which has been everyone’s favorite part of the cosplay.

I’ve cosplayed Ralph at a few cons now and each time I’ve been overjoyed with the responses. I’ve had people of all ages come up and want to get a photo “Wrecking It” with me or security telling me not to wreck the building. The kids reactions have been priceless, they always ask the best questions, like why are your feet so big? Where’s Felix? Where’s Vanellope? Is that a real cookie medal? And my favorite, can I have a hug? Which is always a yes!

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years now and cosplaying has been an incredible escape for me. I love making others happy and it’s the greatest feeling in the world for me when one of my cosplays has made someone’s day. Cosplay has made my life better and I’ll never stop doing this.

I hope when people see my cosplays it sparks their passion for the character or fandom again. I also hope that I’ve inspired other plus size people and people fighting anxiety to want to cosplay. Cosplay is for EVERYONE!