Hoihoisan Cosplay

Meowscular Chef & Palico from Monster Hunter // Cosplayer : hoihoisancosplay // Photo : Anyong Photography

The name of my character from Monster Hunter World is Meowscular Chef and my wife just cosplayed as a generic Palico. I love cats and I’ve made a couple different cat costumes now. I’ve made Jubei from Blazblue and my wife did Taokaka… I’ve also made a Meow from Space Dandy. When I started playing Monster Hunter World and discovered all of the characters have a Palico cat companion, I knew I had to make one… finding out the main chef was a giant Palico made choosing my Palico an easy choice!

The head of the costume was modelled and 3D printed, then covered in fur and fabric. The mouth was separate from his head and has an articulated jaw so I can speak. I 3d printed a positive mold of his eye and then vacu-formed over it to fit into his head. The other cat’s eyes are just large empty plastic Christmas ornaments and it’s head is just a giant pepakura made out of EVA foam. I carved a foam muscle suit and covered it in fur and made the apron with a hidden pocket so I could fill it with taiyaki fish cakes to give out at the convention.

The response was amazing! Despite slowly dying of heat exhaustion, I had a blast. Due to the nature of this costume though, I could only walk down the straight corridor from the entrance. The visibility was extremely limited as his 1 eye is the only thing I could see out of. I really enjoy seeing people’s reactions to the costume and it made the suffering worth it.

I think the most interesting story interacting with con-goers is how amazingly helpful they are without any judgements. When I was walking around in this costume, I had so many people give me tips regarding cooling gel packs, ventilation, and how to improve the outfit.

Cosplay has impacted my life in amazing ways. It has taught me how to improvise and come up with differing strategies to solve for all sorts of interesting and creative problems at work. I learned how to make 3d models, pepakura, and 3d printing for cosplay but I’ve brought all of these skills directly into my work place to generate collateral for marketing and do mockups and rapid prototypes for products.

A lot of people I know, myself included, have these waxing and waning moments when it comes to cosplay. There’s a moment when you first start the build when you’re on fire and you think “This’ll be great!” Then a week later, you think, “Oh my god this looks horrible, why did I even start?” Don’t give up. Keep going. This is an analogy for life. It will get better. Talk to friends, ask for advice, see what other people have tried, try everything yourself, just don’t stop. Once it starts coming together, there’ll be a point where it returns to “Oh, that’s not so bad.” and probably back to “It’s still crap!” several more times before you’re done. There’ll be a moment at the end where everything is rushed, sitting in a hotel room the night before the con, sewing the tail onto the back of the costume, pinning on last minute pieces. Cosplay holds many analogs to life – there are no rules, there’s no “this is the way it’s supposed to be”, rarely does anything ever go to plan… but once it’s over, you’ll look back on it and you won’t remember all the bad parts because all the great parts will shine.


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