"It's a stretch to call my work anything more than glorified copying, but I love the intricacy and have always believe that the real beauty of things lies in the details." 

- Harrison (Norcross, GA)




"It’s a love letter to an unusual, geeky hobby that portrays American cosplayers, and their families and friends, posing in their finest costumes, enjoying candid moments at conventions, and even intimate scenes creating and getting ready at home."


"It’s a heartwarming peek into their world, one inhabited by people too often, and too easily, dismissed as geeks or nerds."


“Not just the most elaborately dressed or the sexiest, what you see is a cross section of costumed America … each one is set in front of same black backdrop which lets you focus on the cosplayers and how much work they put into their costumes. Ejen’s message is clear : they’re the artist. He’s just the photographer.”

- Madeline Brand Show (NPR)