Inisitu (White Diamond)

Ever since I started watching Steven Universe, I knew that White Diamond was going to be a character. I watched all the conspiracy and theory videos on YouTube and for some reason just knew that I’d be drawn to her. She’s tall, pure white, motherly, creepy, and one of the main villains in the show. There’s no way I couldn’t cosplay her.

I started work pretty much the day after she was released and finished the dress within a couple of days, the hardest parts really were the cape and the headpiece. The cape took about 8-10 hours to put together entirely, first patterning everything from scratch, sewing, ironing, and attaching elastics. I then spent about another hour adding the chains and jewels to the inside of the cape to give it some reflectiveness. The headpiece was easily the hardest part. Its made out of cardboard, foam, hair wefts, rhinestones, and LED lights, and took about 15 hours to complete. I was inspired by the 1920s art deco period so I tried adding a bit of that with the foam parts framing my face, and the gem was made by my friend Madeline (@nyx_cosplay on Instagram). I used an arm sock tutorial from YouTube to make those, and the necklace and shoes were purchased separately.


Photo : Niamerican

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