Luigi from Super Mario Bros : Jeremey // Photo : Cosplay in America

I grew up playing Nintendo games. I identify with Luigi the most. At times I will be scared to act but at a moment’s notice I will be there like in Luigi Mansion when Mario goes missing and Luigi is scared but makes the leap into action and helps save his brother. He is not in the spotlight all the times. But he is always there.

The outfit was not bad. I was able to get the overalls at work and made the buttons. The pipe is connected to a vest I got from my friend that does army work. We connect it to my vest. The vacuum is a toy vacuum and my friend strip and repainted it with claw marks to make it look like it was in many battles. The hose is from a old vacuum and covered in fabric. For King Boo, me and my friend worked on. He first was paper mache. Then we decided to make it stronger. We used fiber glass, resin and clay to form Boo and added ping pong balls for its eyes.

A lot of people stop me to take photos and talked to me about the game and how much they loved it and how Luigi is the most underrated person.

The story that stuck out to me was a little girl who was dressed as Mario and was always scared of Boo. She saw my cosplay and said it was nice and ask to touch Boo. She was not scared anymore and hug and kiss him on his head. Say thank you and walked away happy. That made me smile and was glad Boo can make a friend.