Jessica (Consuela)

The character of Consuela was actually suggested to me by a close friend when I was looking for a cosplay idea for Emerald City Comic Con. I didn’t want a character that was over-sexualized, nor a character that would be common. I wanted a character that would fit my physique, simple enough to put together in time for that con and that would make people around me smile & laugh.

I initially found it daunting. In my mind, I always thought that cosplaying would entail months of making a costume from scratch. And I have to give to those cosplayers who create the most amazing costumes. In the end, I found that in order to stay as true as possible to the character, would mean for me to keep it as simple as possible. I bought a pink shirt & skirt, blue earrings, a wig, and a white apron. I already had yellow gloves, bucket, and Lemon Pledge.

What really made it come together were the little details such as how she styled her hair, her stance, and a straight face. Invoking her personality is what really makes this cosplay come to life. Over the years I have fine-tuned the costume but it remains relatively the same. But the most important accessory is the passion for cosplay and the imagination to follow through.”


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