Kallimoon (Inko Midoriya)

While at Anime Detour, there was a lot of “hey mom!” coming from everywhere. Friends who hadn’t seen me in a while were laughing really hard about what I choose to cosplay. I was surprised when a few people asked me if my belly was real or if it was for the character! I would explain I’m due next month and they usually would follow up by asking if my baby would cosplay and I would tell them, “of course!”

I woke up that day and had the idea that Inko would fit me perfectly. I ran to the Goodwill by my house and found a large pink sweater, and I just happened to have a bright blue maternity skirt at home. I needed a green wig so I was going to have to modify a long wavy one I used for my Wild Wild Pussycats cosplay. I threw it on my head and started to cut like crazy. My friend was pulling into my driveway while I was still trying to straighten it out a bit! This is honestly the most last minute cosplay I have ever put together because usually, I plan them out months in advance.

—- Kallimoon

Photo : Nyanpiress

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