Batgirl Knight : KataMarija // Photo : Daniel Medina

I’ve cosplayed other versions of Batgirl before, but this is the first “non-canon” cosplay. I really felt inspired by this one, as I was itching for another armor build. This is Batgirl Knight, and it’s an original design by Kelsey Eng. She did a small series of D&D inspired outfits, and I fell in love with her Batgirl! I liked the way Kelsey designed the helm and shoulders in particular.

I got to try a few new things with this build. I’ve wanted to incorporate Chicago screws into my armor, and I did that with great success: almost every joint in the armor is a Chicago screw. This was also my first attempt at a fully from-scratch helmet. Armor and foam patterning is definitely what I prefer, so I found that portion pretty fun. Sewing is harder for me, and I probably should have done a few more mock ups with the tabard, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Everything was made and created by me!

My first con was around 2004 in high school. It was a small one, naturally, and my first cosplay was Sora from Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t even have a wig- I think it didn’t even occur to me that was possible, especially considering the limited resources available at that time. But I remember having a lot of fun with my friends, and that I was pretty proud of my cropped jacket that I had sewed in our basement laundry room with my mom’s sewing machine.

Right now, trying to create has been really hard. This is a tough tough time to feel creative and inspired, so I’ve been trying to find happiness and outlets in my other interests (reading Webtoons, playing Persona 5 Royal, listening to music, working on my indoor garden, etc.)