Kawaii Mayhem (Magik)

I’ve always wanted to cosplay Magik because her costume doesn’t really look like an X-Men or Marvel costume at all – it’s almost like a cross between fantasy armor and an Anime character! I fell in love with the design the moment I saw it, so I knew I had to cosplay it, and I thought that SDCC was the perfect con to wear it because I’ve met so many amazing X-Men cosplayers there in the past.

Everything was made of Eva foam. I started with the arm – the trick was to make it look like really old steel armor. I tested a bunch of techniques before realizing that the best way to achieve that was to basically stab the armor pieces with my Dremel a lot. It’s not very glamorous but it worked! The other difficult part was figuring out how to attach the headpiece to the wig. I thought about just gluing the foam to a headband, but I didn’t like that the headband was visible on top of the hair. So I ended up gluing a strip of foam to the underside of the wig and attaching the headpiece to the foam through the wig. It took forever but I think it turned out pretty good!

Cosplay has definitely made me WAY more confident and outgoing! I used to be extremely shy, and I still am to a certain extent! But cosplaying has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, which has given me the confidence to be way more social than I ever thought I could be! I’ve made so many friends through the cosplay community and the positivity and support I’ve received is pretty overwhelming (in the best way possible)!

— Kawaii Mayhem

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