Kelby King

Eternal Sailor Moon (Elizabethan inspired version) // Cosplayer : Kelby King // Photo : Mason Ward

I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, it being my first anime, so I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her. While I am a major magical girl fan, I am also really into historical clothing and while working at a ren faire I was able to learn how to make an Elizabethan gown. So, I really wanted to get back home and make my own, but while away at the faire, I geeked out on my fellow employees when they mentioned not knowing about the final season of the Sailor Moon anime. This lead to me realizing how amazing it would be to see Eternal Sailor Moon as an Elizabethan queen, so I spent one of my days off sitting outside the faire grounds drawing some Elizabethan sailor scouts.

This project was one of my biggest, and actually started with me making three gowns for my two friends and I. That lead to me neglecting my cosplay for my friends, so I went back to the cosplay for my next con hoping to, this time, do it justice. I’m kind of gratful for that horrible first run, it showed me all the flaws of my first try.

To begin with I realized that I had to completely redo the skirt as someone happily announced to me that the skirt fabric was the same color as my wig (he was like that’s so cool and in my head I was screaming). The actual dress itself wasn’t actually hard as I had made several Elizabethan gowns before this, it was the small touches that really made a difference. Adding sleeves, smaller pearls, a rose embroidered stomacher, and puffier sleeves changed the whole look of the cosplay, making into the powerful queen Sailor Moon is. Also, in true Usagi fashion, I trip every few hours while wearing the gown.

This was one of the best receptions I’ve had to a cosplay, I was so touched, I was so worried that it would be hard to get who I was. My favorite moments all came from Kamicon 2020 where I met an absolutely amazing Queen Beryl who I geeked out on, had an awesome girl asked me for a 180 picture of my gown, and final cosplayer peachy_bombz who was in line with me at the cosplay contest (we both spent the whole time telling each other that the other would win and that we could not get over each other’s cosplay).

Photo : Mason Ward

I discovered cosplay by watching Code Geass. I really loved that anime so I would always look up art from it and stumbled onto its cosplayers. As soon as I saw a C.C. cosplay I was hooked. I bought my first cosplay at 14 from Miccostumes it was 70 something dollars and it was C.C. After that I convinced myself that I could make a cosplay cheaper and made my next cosplay which was Kyubey from Madoka Magica. With these two cosplays I somehow convinced my parents to take me and my friend to Anime Weekend Atlanta. I remember being so scared walking into that con wearing C.C. convinced no one else would be dressed up, but in true con fashion we didn’t even get close to the door before we saw a cosplayer. Also at that first con someone gave me my first complement to my Kyubey and the Crunchyroll livestream called my mom a MILF so that was a fun word to learn.

My great grandmother was my biggest influence, she never once in my life made anything I liked seem weird. She would let me talk for hours about an anime and sit there and listen to every word I’d say. She even bought me my first sewing machine when I was 14 and the sewing machine I still use today. She loved everyone of my cosplays and she’d always tell me that my scissors sang when I would sew.