Kinetic Cosplay (The Good Place)

KINETIC COSPLAY : I work at Universal Studios, and the lot where they film NBC’s The Good Place is right next to my office! I was a bit curious about it but I dove in when my coworker @rainasface (IG) showed me the first season! I binged the rest of it on Hulu soon after!

KINETIC COSPLAY’S DAD : Cosplaying together makes conventions a true family event. We actually cosplayed together for the first time years ago. My daughter told me what to buy and wear from my existing wardrobe. I played a character from a comic called “Homestuck,” I didn’t know much about it but I was comfortable with the character I was playing because he was called “Dad”. I drove my daughter to the meet-up, and I met the cosplayers with whom she enjoys interacting with. They were true friends with a common interest.

KINETIC COSPLAY : I wore Janet first at SacAnime and my fun was a bit dampened by the rain, but I got to hang out with my Jason, Doc Cane Cosplay! My favorite reaction from Katsucon was being called “Janice, from the Nice Place”

KINETIC COSPLAY’S DAD : On the first day, I was cosplaying Michael alone. The weather was great, and I enjoyed just walking around and seeing the costumes. One person approached me to ask who I was playing, and I tried to give a hint by quoting the show: “I created this place!” She responded, thinking I was talking about Katsucon, “Wow, really?!!!”

Janet : Kinetic Cosplay
Michael : Kinetic Cosplay’s dad

Photo : David Ngo

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