Knightmage (Black Adam)

There was a convention in Saudi Arabia where I was invited there as a guest. It was a huge honor as it was the first time Westerners were invited to attend. I brought the Black Adam costume because of the Egyptian decent of the character, Teth-Adam and the very close relation to where I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt

The costume was really well received but it was the first time that I had THAT many people really playing into the character such as bowing to me for photos and actually making me feel as if I really was this Ancient Egyptian God character. It was all in good fun and everyone was so nice. It was just something new for me.

Black Adam has always been a really interesting character to me plus I always loved his look. It’s actually a costume that I did when I first started cosplaying back in 2012. I very rarely like to revisit costumes I’ve already done however Black Adam was the one I really felt that I could personally improve on.

I never really go off of specific designs when I start creating costumes. I pretty much just wing it and piece it together in my head as I go. However, one big thing is making sure whatever the design is in my head that it will translate well with me wearing it.

I think that was the issue with my first attempt at Black Adam. While the costume looked good, I didn’t think it looked good on me. All in all, this was a very easy costume. I always saw Black Adam as an extremely regal person yet a warrior eager to do battle and I definitely wanted to capture that presence. I took a plain black bodysuit and airbrushed on the muscle details. I already have a thing for capes and thought he should reflect his ego so I wanted it big and flowing. It’s about 2 yards of fabric total including the collar.

The chest piece, belt, bracelets and boot pieces are all made out of foam. I wanted his color scheme to stay dark yet intimidating so I kept is simple to black and gold with shading. His hairstyle and pointed ears were always very distinct so I went with a painted on short hair look and elf ear tips. I also used makeup to add dark shadows around my face along with white eye contacts to add a very sinister look.

One way that cosplay has helped in is giving me a sense of purpose. I’m really into the belief of using your life to help others and while my day job in law enforcement appeases that need, being able to give back though cosplay goes beyond it.

Whether it’s hands-on working in the community or helping out various charities through fundraising I really feel fulfilled. Cosplay has helped me find a creative side of myself I never knew had which in turn has truly made me believe that anything is possible if you apply yourself to it. I’ve been enriched socially by cosplay too. I’ve been able to meet so many incredible people and form relationships that mean the world to me.

— Knightmage

Photo : Gwen Graham

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