Krissy Cosplays

Raven from Teen Titans / Cosplayer : Krissy Cosplays // Photo : shafreelcosmos

How has cosplay affected my life? I spend a lot more money now. Lol. It’s also a lot of pressure. I would like to be known for being a good cosplayer, especially since being plus sized is so looked down upon in media. Because of that, I always feel like I have to know what I’m doing next and most of the time I don’t. 

As for Raven, I was honestly looking for something quick and easy to cosplay. I’ve always been a fan of Raven and we have very similar personalities. Although, it wasn’t as quick and easy as I thought it was.

The cosplay was a headache. The bodysuit and the cape were fairly easy. The cape was too long for my first outing at Blerdcon and someone stepped on it. It started fraying and I was so heartbroken. I had to get it hemmed and it all worked out. The accessories were hard. As a plus size cosplayer, it’s hard finding anything in my size. I thought for months on how to make the belt. I ended up having to buy two belts and put them together. Then I made the gems out of clay. But I didn’t know I had to bake the clay originally. The whole thing ended up being a mess but I finally got it right.

This was actually my first time at Baltimore Comic Con. It’s smaller than a lot of the cons I’ve been to. It’s very comic book focused, so if you like comics, I definitely recommend it. I liked how intimate it was. My favorite part was walking straight into a DC photoshoot off the street. I’d literally just gotten there and was pulled into it.