Laura (Misery)

Most common reaction is people who look at me wide-eyed and say “I get it” and “that’s really freaky”. The best reaction was actually from celebrity Ross Marquand who ran and hid behind his curtains when I first met him. He said Misery really bothered him as a child and seeing me kind of resurfaced those feelings.

My kids cosplay at cons and we talked about how maybe I should do it too. That way the kids wouldn’t always feel like they were alone in cosplay. So it wasn’t necessarily out of a huge desire to cosplay, but out of a desire to keep my kids company and to make them feel comfortable that I decided to cosplay.

Being plus sized I wanted to pick a character that was also plus sized. And being a mom to 4, I wanted to pick a character that also fit into my age bracket. I really didn’t want to be covered in purple or green body paint (Ursula and Ogre Princess Fiona are very popular plus sized cosplays) so the hunt was on to try and find a character that I maybe resembled in the slightest. That’s when I thought of Kathy Bates and her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery. I know, rather boring, no huge inspirational story behind it all – just doing it for my kids.

—- Laura

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