I definitely received a lot of comments from nostalgic congoers! People saying “Oh my gosh, I remember that cartoon!”. A lot of my cosplays are from old school cartoons or are a little more obscure, so people don’t see the character very often. Then when they do, they have that “OHHH my childhood!!” moment which is always REALLY fun!

I actually initially made my Lydia Deetz cosplay for Costober, a challenge I made for myself where I’d have a horror/goth cosplay for every day of October! For Los Angeles Comic Con in 2018, I wasn’t sure what all cosplays I wanted to wear. I realized I had never brought Lydia Deetz to a convention so I figured it was the perfect time to bring her out!

I sewed the huge red poncho first and all the individual black strips. Then I had to lay out all the black strips into a spiderweb design and sew them to the poncho which was pretty tedious! Then I just sewed the purple lining to the whole thing. The wig was really fun, I cut wedges out of cardboard and then glued and hair-gelled hair to them to make her weird floppy ponytail. The “hairtie” is also cardboard with fabric glued to it, and that whole piece was glued right on top of the wig!

I’m so appreciative of people who support me. Especially when it’s other young black girls who tell me I inspire them to cosplay, or that they were nervous to start cosplaying but seeing me has helped them. I just want to scoop them up into a hug and tell them “HELL yes, do it! Regardless of the hate some random internet asshole may give you, do it and enjoy the hell out of it!” I was heavily bullied as a kid but cosplaying had helped me feel confident, and like a badass and my hope is that other people can feel that way too. Even if I am a weirdo, I’m a cute weirdo who’s having a good time, making cool stuff and becoming whoever and whatever I want!

— LaydiexSkull

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