Lenore Cosplay (Mei)

I was so excited when I played Overwatch for the first time and saw Mei, a character I could relate to. When she says the voice line “Our world is worth fighting for” it stuck with me. Her positive outlook and perseverance is inspiring. You’re right Mei, it is worth fighting for indeed.

I didn’t make the costume itself and wouldn’t want to take credit for something I didn’t work on. This was an eBay buy, and a very nice quality one. I did make the wig and her hair stick from scratch which I’m quite proud of. 🙂 The wig and bun are Arda in Spanish Brown. The hair stick is a combination of different painted wooden pieces from a craft store. lots of paint, glue, and patience haha.

I love how excited people are about Mei, whether they love the character or just love to hate her. The group photo at Blizzcon was full of the most wonderful and creative people. The other Mei cosplayers waved me over to join them as soon as I showed up and were complimenting each other in between photos. Blizzcon was full of love.

When I wear my Mei cosplay I have to blast the air conditioning the whole way to the con because the jacket is so warm. The jacket doesn’t open at all, just slides over my head so there’s no way to cool down in it. From May until September I temporarily retire the cosplay.

I have met so many great friends because of cosplay. Every time I go to a convention now the real highlight of the day is everyone I get to say hello to. I’ve also noticed that cosplay influenced my own personal fashion in a few ways like including nerdy accessories in an outfit, Disneybounding, etc. I also got really into skincare and makeup and that was a confidence booster.

— Lenore Cosplay

Photo : John Jiao Photography

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