Luke Hangover

Star Wars X The Hangover // Cosplayer : Luke Hangover // Photo : Uncalar

Don’t be afraid to “go with the flow” when it comes to your cosplays!  The whole “Luke Hangover” thing came out of some guy’s wise crack on social media!  It set my wheels turning and inspired me to come up with this idea that a lot of people seem to enjoy, and has given me a lot of fun!  Also, don’t be afraid to be creative or find a twist to put your own personal touch on a costume.  Super accurate costumes are always awesome, and I really admire people who have the talent to build them, but don’t fret if your boots or some small detail of your cosplay isn’t perfect in your mind.  Odds are, hardly anyone will really notice, anyway!  If you have an idea for a cosplay, but you’re hesitant to do it because you never have before, do it.  For a long time, I thought that cosplaying looked like fun, but didn’t pursue it.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s a total blast, and you won’t regret it!

People always dig it!  I usually get lots of laughs as I’m passing by, which is great! The kids really like the Porg, of course!  The guys from the 501st, the Rebel Legion and the Mandolorian Mercs always give a great response as well.  Mostly, I just like to see people smile when they see me.  It’s a great feeling knowing that I can make them happy with my cosplay!

Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in the world.  There’s always tons of games going on!  Board games, card games, role-playing games, Live action, you name it!  I went to game conventions for a long time before I ever went to any comic/entertainment type of cons and still try to hit at least one or two a year.  Cosplaying used to be a lot less common at Gen Con and other gaming conventions, but there’s a lot more of it now.

If you do go to Gen Con, I’d definitely recommend spending some time out of costume, and playing some games!  There are always tons of demo’s going on in the exhibitor’s hall, not to mention thousands of scheduled events and open gaming rooms where you can find people looking for players pretty much anytime of the day or night!   On top of that, there are so many seminars and panels that there’s no way you could ever be bored at Gen Con!  Also, Indianapolis is a pretty cool city, so you can find plenty to do downtown as well.

Cosplay allowed me to meet a lot of great people, mostly.  Either strictly online or actually meeting at conventions, I’ve made a lot of cool friends from doing this.  I used to do community theater, but because of my work schedule, I can’t really devote time to that anymore.  Cosplaying gives me kind of the same rush I’d get from performing on stage, so it’s really cool to have an outlet that allows me to feed that urge to perform!  I’d really like to find some ways to do charitable type work with my cosplaying, too.