Super Galaxy Elise from League of Legends // Cosplayer : Lumi.Star.Cos // Photo : SpellboundHeart

When deciding what League of Legend skins I want to bring to life there are always two things I consider. How much the outfit will challenge my skills as a creator and how many other people have made that same outfit. The most rewarding ones for me require me to get a bit more creative and while it can be frustrating at times, the end result is always worth it. I also always get a lot of excited people who are just happy to see their favorite skin created in the flesh and it feels great to help be a part of creating that happiness. Super Galaxy Elise, in particular, had a lot of challenges I had never attempted before: spandex bodysuit, extra limbs, and interesting shoe requirements being three of the largest ones.

Super Galaxy Elise was a massive project that took a while to complete and had a lot of readjustments along the way. On my Instagram you can view a lot of WIP posts about the processes but it boils down to a few aspects. The bodysuit is made of spandex. The back brace for the legs is made of worbla to give it more rigidity in supporting them. The legs themselves are made of EVA foam and attached to the brace via Rigid Pet G Tubing which is a sort of acrylic like rod. Finally, the shoe stilts were designed and created by myself and Darkflame cosplay to give me the right standing silhouette and are made from metal. This project took about 36 weeks but that’s including other projects and a few weeks vacation that interrupted the flow at times.

At Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) I gave Elise a test run and am so glad I did. My favorite part of wearing her around the convention had to be the absolute shock and awe surrounding the foot pieces I was wearing. The first thing about them that usually drew attention was the sound, I hadn’t put any sort of rubber bottom on the metal so each step made a pretty significant amount of sound even in the loud con environment. Once they looked my way through the comments usually started coming in to the degree of, “How are you even walking?” or “What’s up with your feet?” or outright exclamations of astonishment. It was fun to hear and have the opportunity to show off what Darkflame and I had created.

Overall Elise wore great and I was really happy but I did end up with a bit of a snafu when one of my spider legs started to snap. I had just finished with a larger photoshoot when I noticed this and the other community members were so helpful and kind about finishing up and pointing me in the direction of the cosplay repair booth. Unfortunately, before I could arrive the leg snapped off fully but once again everyone was so understanding about needing to put that costume away early for the rest of the con. I was really grateful for how respectful and supportive everyone was of the situation. 

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Ever since that first convention I’ve always loved cosplay. Each year I’ve handmade more of my costumes until I was doing it from scratch and each year I’ve cosplayed more characters per convention and expanded the number of conventions I attend. Now it plays an even larger part as I’m working towards creating a cosplay supply store based in Raleigh. One of the biggest hurdles of making my own cosplays was finding the materials and advice for how to make more complicated things I was interested in. I have a lot of plans to put together a storefront that can serve as a place for people to solicit advice, practice their skills, and even work on projects in addition to being able to find the materials they need and want for their projects. If you or any readers are interested in seeing something like this happen then they should follow me on Instagram. I’ll be posting updates there and opening up a Gofundme soon to try and help raise starting costs once I finish doing all of my research and figuring out all the bits n’ pieces.

My best friend was always a huge cosplay and anime fan and in middle school, she dragged me to Animazement with her. At first, I was a bit skeptical, sure that if I wore a costume with her I’d stand out and be weird but when I arrived, the opposite was true. Within about three hours of being at the convention, I went down to the dealer’s room and purchased my first cosplay, a black and white lolita cat getup. The next year I made sure to come prepared with an actual costume of my own, Suigintou from Rozzen Maiden. That cosplay was purchased and modified slightly for accuracy in my mom’s sewing room with her guidance and is what led me down the eventual path of creation.