Miss Fortune from League of Legends // Cosplayer : @lunamagix // Photo : @beyond__cosplay

When the Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition skin came out on League of Legends I knew I had to have it, especially as a Miss Fortune main. So, I grinded for it just as many others have. When I finally got it and saw how beautiful in game, I knew that I wanted to make the costume for Katsucon.

*Deep breath* The costume was put together over two months entirely by me minus the guns. I’m not the most skilled craftsman and I like to jump right into making things without proper planning/patterning, so I had to remake several pieces such as the top and gloves more than once.

 I used the common method of plastic wrapping and taping my torso to create a pattern for the top. I used craft foam as a base for several pieces such as the shoulder pieces/pauldrons(?), spiky parts coming out of the shirt/top, back bow, and the belt. I also made the bat wings for the guns and the back of the costume out of EVA foam. For some other unique shapes in the costume I used moldable cosplay foam clay to get the shapes as accurate as possible and then either painted them or covered those pieces in gold fabric. I made the clasp on the belt out of worbla and clothing hanger wire.

For the green sphere that hangs off a belt, I used a clear/undecorated Christmas tree ornament that I found at JOANN’s and used Pebeo Vitrail Stained Glass Effect Paint on the inside to get the green color. The top and bottom part of it were made out of EVA foam and attached after I stuffed polyester fiber fill (pillow stuffing) and 3 strings of green fairy lights inside of it. I actually hot glued bunches of fiber fill along the fairy lights so I could try to get an even lighting effect, but I’m not sure this worked so well. The little battery packs were concealed on the inside of my belt.

The hat was made with a lot of trial and error. I created the pattern on fabric first and then kept adjusting it to the shape I wanted before transferring it to EVA foam. I then covered it in white fabric and made most of the gold detailing out of craft foam covered in fabric. I put the same fiber fill I used in the sphere inside of the hat to create a smoky affect and diffuse the green LEDs.

The shoes were originally knee-high white boots that I completely edited using the material I cut off from the top and craft foam covered in gold fabric.

I took apart a good pair of leggings to make a pattern for the pants and then made them out of the gold fabric I was primarily using.

All of the little diamonds on the costume were 3D modeled and printed by my boyfriend. All of the green gems on the costume (back, shoes, guns) were modeled and resin printed by him also. Lastly, he 3D printed the guns using 3Deer Print’s model.

Katsucon is one of the biggest anime conventions on the East Coast and is my personal favorite. The Gaylord in National Harbor is the perfect setting for the convention with its beautiful atrium and surrounding environment. I think my favorite part of Katsucon is how everyone congregates in the atrium throughout the entire convention, creating such a lively and fun atmosphere.