Makeup Siren (Menat)

Menat is a character from Street Fighter V. I first cosplayed her when she was released I think in 2017. When I do cosplay this character me and my friend have this song we like to sing when we cosplay as Menat. We sing the “Mah an Mah an” songs from the Muppets, but we replace the word “mah ma” for “Menat” when we sing it in cosplay. We sing it through the con. We even get people to join us in the song.

Cosplaying has opened me up a creative world where I can be free to create so many different characters. Cosplaying also helped me find some of my Closest and dearest friends. Cosplaying has its ups and downs, but i has a lot more positive experience than the negative ones. How I cosplay may change throughout the years, but it will always be apart of my life one way or another.

— Makeupsiren


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