MerViking (Grandmaster)

People were DELIGHTED by my cosplay! People love the character (and Jeff!) so much. I bust up laughing when a kid passed me (who had to be maybe 7 years old) and just yelled: “OH MY GOD ITS JEFF GOLDBLUM!” Not The Grandmaster, Jeff Goldblum. XD

I put The Grandmaster from Thor : Ragnarok together myself from scratch. I altered a Cercei (GoT) dress pattern and made it out of cotton and holographic spandex, and the over robe is stretch velvet with some appliques. I added some details onto the dress with Cricut iron-on foil – that was fun! The Melt-Stick I kind of thew together last minute and want to redo – it’s just EVA foam, styrofoam, and PVC pipe. Decided to paint it Rose Gold to make it match the girlyness¬†of the rest of the look.

I originally was going to do a Grandmaster look for a Disneybound for a trip to Disneyworld we took this past winter – we were all supposed to Disneybound Ragnarok characters. I didn’t get it done, but then the idea festered in my head and I decided I had to do a femmy take on such a fun character. So The Grandmistress happened!

— MerViking Cosplay

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