MikoMiko (Power Girl)

Wearing her for the first time at a con was at first completely nerve-wracking. I’d never worn a costume that revealed so much and felt incredibly self-conscious of myself while I was wearing her. Not to mention I decided to make her in the middle of December for a winter convention; definitely, not my smartest costume decision, but weather conditions are always the last thing on my mind when I set my mind on a costume.

Power Girl has always been one of the most inspirational heroes to me growing up. I’d been wanting to cosplay for her for years, but as a plus-size cosplayer, I never felt like I could do her justice due to my self-confidence. I finally decided to buckle down and put myself to the grindstone to bust her out, and I’m honestly so glad that I did. I fabric shopped for her for weeks until I found the fabric I felt would be absolutely perfect for her.

The costume, aside of course from the brooch, boots, and gold shoulder cord, was made completely from spandex. Even the belt was made from spandex! I wanted to make fabric choices that I felt would work in a real scenario if she were to actually be a real hero. From spandex scuba for the bodysuit to velvet spandex for the cape, I wanted to make my cosplay perfect in my eyes. I made so many mistakes in making her and there are so many things I wish I had done differently, but with only having one year of sewing experience under my belt at the time, I was so proud of how she turned out. The costume was my pride and joy.

The costume went over incredibly well at the convention. Wearing her around, I felt so much confidence in myself and how she had turned out as a whole. I felt like a real superhero. Honestly, this costume has been the one that I’ve been remembered for the most. Every chance I would get, I would throw it on, even if at my own home. Seeing myself in it drove a new-found confidence in myself I had never known about before. It gave me a new drive to keep furthering and pushing myself in crafting, and to keep pushing myself to improve even further.

Cosplay as a whole has completely changed my life for the better. I discovered cosplay about ten years ago, and it’s helped me through so many of my struggles. I was always bullied in school growing up, being told I would never amount to anything, or I would never really have a future; all because I was different from everyone in my school. I was a girl who liked video games and anime in a small farm town; I was different from everyone else. Cosplay was an escape from the bullying. It’s completely changed my life around for the better, and honestly, I can’t see my future not having cosplay in it. As long as I can keep improving and be a hero for just ONE person, my job is done. I’ll never let anything stop me from doing what I love, or from improving myself and my future.

—- MikoMiko Cosplay

Photo : Cerberus Fotos

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