Miss Laneous (Two Face)

I grew up watching Batman : The Animated Series, and as a cosplayer, I’m always looking for fun characters to recreate. Villains are my favorite to cosplay because we love to hate them! Two-Face is such a fiery person with excellent character design, and I wanted to take on the challenge of using face paint since I’d never done that before.

I wanted the costume to have an elegant but flirty vibe, so I first made the two-tone high-low skater skirt. Then I took apart two corsets to combine them into one black and white piece. The most time-sucking part of the cosplay is of course the face and body paint. I practiced that a couple of times before taking this cosplay to the con.

This cosplay is especially fun at cons— the face paint gets a lot of reactions! I love when someone passes me starting on my “normal” side, then gasps when they see my creepy blue side! Late one night after the SDCC, I was in a convenience store and a local woman screamed when she saw me!

Honestly, cosplay has changed my life. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis, and cosplay allows me to have fun while I conquer my fears and meet people I never would have otherwise. I love when one of my cosplays makes people smile and recall fond memories of watching a beloved movie or show. It’s a great way to connect to people and feel like you’re part of a special nerdy family. 

—- Miss Laneous

Photo : Blue Adept Photography

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