Miss Taurus

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn / Cosplayer : Miss Taurus Cosplay

I love Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s such an interesting game with a great story and gameplay. Aloy has many different armors and outfits in the game. I had already made her original outfit and her Nora Protector Heavy Armor as well. I happened to choose this one because of it’s aesthetics, color and design. I got challenged by its weathering details and decided to give it a go. I wanted to show something unique to the convention.

It took time and materials put this cosplay together. I used leather, pleader, faux fur, EVA foam and worbla. I dye the leather fabric in different shades of blues and did some snow weathering on it to make it more realistic. I made the pouches, quiver, belt, necklace, arrows and her bow. The detailing in coloring was the challenge but love the results.I have been cosplaying for 6 years and it had impacted my life as a costume designer. I had gained a lot of costuming knowledge such as armor making, sewing and making props. I poured my heart and soul into this cosplay and its one of the most heaviest attention to detailed work I had ever done. Aloy is my inspiration.

This was my third year attending Metrocon and its a lot of fun. Everyone is friendly and so enthusiastic. My favorite part of this con is making new friends and sharing our love for these fandoms. And the cosplay contests are always a blast!