Partners Statue from Disney World : Mollie Tees / Photo : DisPopShow

My dad had gone to a Halloween event as Walt Disney one year and it occurred to me to take it to the next level and try doing the statue of Disney. I asked my dad for about two years if he would do it and finding a wishy-washy response I told him “if you don’t do it, I want to!” And my dad told me to go for it!

The costume was thrift store clothing that I painted with layers of matte and metallic spray paint and liquid latex to give give the clothing more stiffness and dimension.

The hardest part was making a 28 inch Mickey plushie into nearly 40 inch tall. I actually had to take fabric from a Minnie Mouse doll to lengthen Mickey’s limbs, something I found a little funny in a way. I used coat hangers to make a skeleton I put inside Mickey to make him stand when I held his hand and only after all that could I paint him. I actually finished Mickey the day before Megacon!

The reaction was better than I could have hoped for. I was a little worried that the concept wouldn’t translate well but everyone I met loved it. I think that was partially because I was at an Orlando based convention that was attended by many Disney fans and people who work at or have been to Magic Kingdom. I don’t know if I would have been as popular or recognizable anywhere else.

I was astounded when people in really intricate and complicated cosplay wanted to take MY picture. It was very humbling and a major honor. Also meeting little kids with their families was adorable. They were more interested in my stuffed Mickey than me.“