Milotic from Pokemon // Cosplayer : mooshbirb // Photo : SnapChickPhoto

It was a beautiful mixture of being a longtime fan of Pokémon, binge watching 8 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and playing the Sims 4 that served as my inspiration. This combination resulted in my design based on the Pokémon, Milotic, with elements inspired by sirens and the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I. 

Cosplayer Cowbutt Crunchies was also organizing a new event at Katsucon called the Cosplay Met Gala with “Royal” as its first theme. My design just happened to fit the theme perfectly, so I also worked on making a submission for it.

I made this cosplay over a 2 month period, which was a HUGE mistake. Don’t do this. I drafted this costume through draping on my dress form with the exception of the sleeves, for which I combined two existing patterns. Personally, draping makes the construction process more fluid since it allows me to physically manipulate the material.  

I sewed 250 individual scales for the bodice, and the skirt consists of pink and blue panels that I individually “puzzled” together on top of 4 yards of fabric. Then, I zigzag stitched over each panel and rhinestoned each one. For the Elizabethan collar and skirt fins, I used wire, and placed them into fabric forms. 

It was a lot of repetitive work, so I kept myself sane by watching A TON of Youtube. 

The base wig is Vivian from Arda Wigs. I dyed wefts with FW Ink and isopropyl alcohol for the pink sections. I also made a fake hairline, which I then tied into a ponytail. The antennae are made from wefts glued onto a hidden wire structure under the wig. The bun consists of a styrofoam core and curled wig wefts glued on. 

This was my first full length gown and heavily styled wig, and I am kinda obsessed now, so I am planning on making more ambitious designs for the future.

I started cosplaying and attending conventions when I was 13. It began as a creative outlet to express my nerdy and niche interests and to meet other people in the community. 

Over the years, I have gained a huge appreciation for the craft, and I am constantly developing and testing new techniques. Recently, I have discovered making original designs for characters to be extremely addicting and fun. 

Cosplay also got me interested in theater, which I am currently studying in university. When I am not working on cosplay, I am doing wig and costume design for local shows. My experience in cosplay and theater really go hand-in-hand with each other. I am constantly applying things I learn from one to the other.

From cosplaying, I have learned that I am a real perfectionist when it comes to constructing garments, and it can be a real double-edged sword. This inclination really helps me to make my vision into reality. However, it also means that I will take the longer route if it means I’ll be happier with the final result, and I will completely redo things if I am not completely satisfied. Often after conventions, I’ll step back and look at the parts of my cosplay that I did not like and then make revisions to them for future appearances.