Bayonetta from Bayonetta
Cosplayer: Nanasetooocosplay
Photo: Marlo Louden Photography

When I started to cosplay, I realized that it is like my calling . It makes me so happy to look at something and bring it to life! I am constantly getting better at sewing and pattern making just because I feel the need to challenge myself. I love when people see what I’m doing and love it, It makes me want to be even more ambitious and do bigger and better builds.

So I did the original version of Bayonetta the previous year, I felt it was a great opportunity to redo that costume while also doing a version that I personally haven’t seen done. Smash Brothers is where this version originated from so I thought even more people would also enjoy the costume.

I put together this costume using various fabrics I got from Joanns and MJ Trends. I took the pattern from a bodysuit I already had and of course, altered it so it would look clean. The poncho/ Cape was taken from my older Bayonetta pattern and was added to so it would be more dramatic looking. Everything was sewn or hand sewn. It took me maybe a week and a half to make, the longest part I had to do was cut out the silver appliques.

That day I was wearing 7 in heels and I was towering over everyone! It felt really true to Bayonetta as she is known for being tall. I did have severe ankle and feet pain the next day though. Always bring an extra pair of shoes, folks.