Ninjaneer Cosplay

It’s fun just hearing people go “Hey look its spiderman! …with a keyblade? Kingdom Hearts Spiderman? That’s cool!”

The responses have been awesome and positive! I wore it for the first time few years ago to Dragoncon, and people loved the combination of Spiderman and Kingdom Hearts. It gets even more love now that the Spiderman : Into the Spiderverse movie has popularized the Spiderverse and the possibilities of all sorts of different spider-people.

Kingdom Hearts Spiderman came from inspiration I got from some fan art that I saw around when Spiderman Homecoming came out. It showed a homemade spider suit (with the hood) partnered with Sora in an outfit with some Spiderman coloring/detailing. Around the same time, the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider comics rebooted, and in the first few issues, he is wearing the suit that I use for my KH Spiderman cosplay.

I ordered the suit custom made for me from a site called Zentaizone (a common suit people use for spider suits). I then found and painted some waterproof shoes so I could run/climb in the suit easier, as well as got a face shell and lenses for a cleaner face look. The big custom part was the design and construction of the keyblade. I drew up a few designs, some complex and some simple, and decided to go with the simple more noticeable spiderman looking design (spider logo handguard, spider legs end with webbing up the blade). I then used the colors on my suit to help figure out a color pallet for the keyblade, and that’s how it came about.

Cosplay has given me a lot of confidence and has created a great outlet for creativity. Plus it’s gotten me a ton of new friends, cause it’s always easy to find people who love the same things you do when you literally wear it. If you ever feel like there is nothing new to cosplay, just start combining things or getting a bit creative! It’s fun, and people generally love to see weird/unique things at conventions.

—- Ninjaneer Cosplay

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