Joker from Suicide Squad // Cosplayer : Nivved // Photo : pennykatz

Joker is a pretty universal character, so people in an out of the con interact with you, which I love. At Colossal Con, we were dressed as Joker & Harley and decided to hit the arcade in costume and play some games. I did not expect our costumes to be so popular with families. The con we were attending is in a resort, so there is a mix of congoers and regular folk who all want to enjoy the park.  

Since you’re pretty recognizable, people outside of the con often feel comfortable coming up to you and asking what’s going on. We were trying this bowling game, and one of the kids in the arcade was enamored with it. So after the game set up, and turned to him, gave him the ball, and said, “You’re up, Kiddo.” He got the biggest grin on his face and crushed it. Cons tend to feel a little like a weekend-long costume party, and I think that means making sure everyone has a good time.

I ended up watching the Suicide Squad movie at home in 2017 after hearing all the hubbub about it. It felt more like a fever dream than a movie, but I enjoyed the album and the whole feel of the Joker a lot. My fiance and Harley also dug the design of SS J&H, comparing it to Marilyn Manson’s goth gangster phase in the Tainted Love cover for Not Another Teen Movie. That cracked me up, and I binged the music video on repeat and decided why not, let’s make this happen. 

This came together the last minute before the con. When it comes to the Joker, having a gender-fluid closet helps. I used to do theater, and my father was into drag/MC’d a show for a few years, so collecting costume pieces has always been a hobby. One of the reasons I love cosplay is because it gives me an excuse to expand my wardrobe, lol.

I already owned the suit, dress shirt, and purple necktie. I was on a budget at the time, so the guns are old waterguns I hand-painted (just felt right, lol). The grill and all the bling are brought to you by South Street in Philly. My finance helped resize and print some of the tats using tattoo paper supplemented by some tattoo sheets purchased on Amazon because we ran out of ink, ha. The face makeup is all BenNye. The hair we did that morning in the room. She buzzed it flat, cut it short, then I slicked it back with green wax and spray.

ColossalCon East is all the fun and excitement of an anime con wrapped into a waterpark. The venue is fantastic and gives you a lot to do both in and out of the con. The lights in the arcade make for great photos, too. My favorite part of the con is getting to hang out and make memories with friends I’ve met across the country.