Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia // Cosplayer : Notgrima

This was my first time coming to Fanime and I would DIE to go back again! The whole atmosphere is so chill, there was no rush to get anywhere and everyone just went with the flow of things. The local congoers I met were so genuine and nice when we talked, I could’ve cried .

I was super obsessed with My Hero Academia at the time (still kinda am) and wanted to get cracking on my long list of characters to cosplay. I did Tsuyu for ease of packing/travel and to tackle her HUGE hairbow that I’ve been itching to make!

This cosplay was put together kinda last minute since I never learn my lesson and like to procrastinate ’til the very last second. ^^; Some parts of the cosplay were bought/commissioned (the bodysuit and goggles), while the accessories and wig were done by me, mostly using vinyl, metal studs, craft foam, and resin jewels. My fave part of the cosplay is definitely the frog feet, which I made by layering craft foam around ping pong balls! They’re supercute, though a little hard to walk in.

Cosplay has affected me in the best of ways. Not only have I learned so many useful life & networking skills, I’ve also met & befriended some of the most amazing people in my life because of this hobby. Cosplay has given me a thicker skin in terms of constructive feedback & unwarranted criticism, and has taught me a little more about how to interact with others, something I always had trouble with before cosplaying. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!