Predaking from Transformers // Cosplayer : OmegaXaiden27

In my old Predaking costume, someone at a convention wanted to do a video of my suit and just as they were about to start recording, my body just went “nope” and I nearly passed out from heat. It was weird as I didn’t feel like I was going to until it just hit me in like a couple of second. It was very weird but I’ve learned to drink more while wearing a big costume. I did feel really bad for the person who wanted the video as they couldn’t get one because of it but minus that I thought it was funny.

Predaking is one my all time favorite Transformers, I really love animals so having some robots that can change into individual animals and then a massive robot is just something I really love. The costume was mostly stuck together with hot glue, but for bigger parts like attaching the wings to the body and the foam blocks to the insides of the feet were with contact adhesive. It is all made from Eva foam from all different densities, there is some insulation tubes for the insides of the guns at the top to keep them more study and as I mentioned, some high dense Styrofoam for the feet to give me some extra height (because i’m quite short lol)

For the weapons, the sword has a wooden frame made from some long dowels and the gun is made from EVA foam but has card on the inside to reflect the LEDs I’m going to put in but I keep forgetting to install them, just like the visor for the helmet, which will be made with a thin red sheet of PVC with reflective window film behind it to make it shiny (I don’t know it actual name that’s just got a describe it).

It’s all painted with acrylic paint and Hexflex paint (form Poly Props) for the metallic part but I used Rustoleum gun metal for the gun and sword, and is going to use the same companies gold for the blade of the sword. To do the cel shading I used Posca pens and just drew it all on and will be using a top coat to protect all the paint work.

It’s given me a bit of freedom from my own mind it lets me relax a bit makes me forget about stressful stuff (counting my costume is going well and I’m not messing things up). Although, I haven’t met any new friends at cons going to them socializing with people that enjoy the same stuff as me is something I really enjoy too as at school I didn’t really know anyone who liked cosplay. I think the only downside is I don’t really draw much because it anymore so my drawing skills have gone a bit floppy.

I’ll be going to Yorkshire Cosplay Con which is also in Sheffield in May, I go every year as its kinda local, plus it can give me a good test run for Predaking, and see how well he performs and how easy it is to wear so I can get an idea for when I go to TFnation