Omiona (Cyclops)

Cyclops was originally my Halloween costume in 2016… I usually start planning Halloween after my bday Aug 5th. I chose Cyclops cuz 2 days before my bday I woke up and my left eye was swollen shut (unexplainable, maybe an allergic reaction, who knows)… but took a 3 weeks to get back to normal… since I was basically walking around with 1 eye, I had an epiphany … CYCLOPS! 

I was cosplaying Cyclops & a (Caucasian) guy approached me to tell me how he loved my “Storm” cosplay… I was confused as he walked away cuz I didn’t recall a Storm design similar to what I was wearing… but realized he assumed I was solely Storm cuz I’m a black woman. …. reminding me once again that cosplay/con, tho rooted in fantasy, is full of the same REAL people in the rest of the world…. and race is a very REAL issue.

My cos is strictly Glam, sequin, rhinestones & glitter are a must. If it doesn’t sparkle, it’s NOT Be A Goddess cosplay. After I came up with the design, the sewing was thru the helpful hand of one my dressmakers, Indys legendary designer, Mr Michael Bush. I did all the glitter, rhinestones, made the visor. Ordered gloves, wig, boots from my fav site eBay!!!

Cosplay is something that stumbled into my life on accident. Motivated by my obsession with POWER RANGERS. Once I cosplayed for the first time at Indy Popcon 2016, I was bitten by the cosplay bug. It’s given me a creative outlet that I lend my skill sets I gained thru 10 years of being a drag performer & pageant competitor. In the 2 years of competing, I’ve won GenCon’s crossplay contest for best in show in 2018 & 2019, was a performer in Amaicon 2018’s drag show and I am the current reigning Popcon Indy’s Drag Race winner. As a Black, Trans and Woman cosplayer it’s become my passion.

—–  Omiona

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