One Kick Nick (All Might)

I’m fairly new to anime, and even though I’ve been going to conventions since 2003, I wanted to get more involved in what people were talking about, I binge watched anything I could get my hands on (Cowboy BebopOne Punch Man). Including My Hero Academia, in which I immediately fell in love with All Might, his personality and how he always looks for the good in situations to motivate society, and knew I absolutely had to cosplay him!

The first thing I had to get down was his size, I’m about 6’5″ 210 pounds, where all might it’s 7’2″ 500, so I immediately started by commissioning a muscle suit, once the muscle suit was in, I took measurements and ordered the base suit from @brandonogilberto (IG) and @zentizone (IG). From there I 3D designed printed the belt buckle and made the belt and cuffs out of pleather and foam, following by getting boot inserts to make me about six foot 9/10ish, then browline and jawline Prosthetics from and finished it off with a Arda wig that I made and contacts from @uniqso (IG).

My favorite part was getting to see people’s reactions when I walked by them just because of the size of the cosplay, some of them were like wow and some of them got scared lol, also the amount of my hero characters that wanted to be picked up by All Might, Picking up Deku’s was adorable!

I’ve been in the military for 10 years now and I always believe it’s healthy to have separate groups of friends outside of the workplace, when I finally started to meet people in the community I immediately fell in love with them and now I have hundreds of friends from all of the world because of this Hobby, and I love all of them with all of my heart ❤️. I have a huge passion for PC gaming am starting to Twitch stream more if anyone wants to see me be a dweeb it’s 😅🌚.

—–  One Kick Nick

All Might :
Uraraka : Frailu Cosplay
Deka :
Photo : Wreck’d Studios

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