Orvix Cosplay

Mysterio from Spiderman : Orvix Cosplay / Photo : AtomicGeekdom

It was pretty cool being the only fem-Mysterio at the con. I made a lot of new friends in that cosplay. There were two guys who did the comic version and FFH. The thing that sticks out the most is when I met Jake Gyllenhaal he was like “WHAAAAAAT, THIS IS AWESOME!!” And I told him “I made this in 1 month to meet you.” And he was blown away and honestly it’s super cool that THE Quentin Beck appreciated the work that went into this crazy creation.

Mysterio was always a favorite of mine since I was 5 due to his funky design. When they announced he would be in Spiderman : Far From Home I was HYPED. When I saw how they changed his design to be less funky and more hardcore and Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actors I knew I had to recreate the design.

This is the hardest cosplay I’ve ever put together so far. It involved so much EVA foam for the chest and super precise cutting and focus. I tried to make the “fish bowl” helmet with an acrylic dome and didn’t know how to properly and it cracked and shattered so that was money down the drain. I purchased another and realized I needed a dremel to cut it properly but was running out of time to complete this cosplay in time for ACE Chicago 2019 to meet Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland. I made this entire cosplay in ONE month which involved a custom made zentai suit to be printed to my exact measurements and speed delivery for my cape from an Etsy store no longer active anymore. Besides the cape, E.D.I.T.H glasses and bodysuit I made everything myself.

I always wanted to dress up as my favorite fictional characters and didn’t realize you could at conventions. It wasn’t until 2012 when I graduated and made an Instagram did I discover this community. It took me until 2017 to finally dive in and I have to thank Stan Lee for that because it was announced that C2E2 2017 would be one of his last’s before retiring. My life has changed ever since.

The only thing I’ll add, if you’re thinking about going to a convention or cosplaying my advice is literally to just do it, take the chance and attend a con and see if this is something you want to do. One of my biggest and only regrets in my life is not doing it sooner.