Vianka Cosplay

I’m a HUGE Spongebob fan… I guess you could even call me obsessed after watching the first three seasons countless times, for owning several Spongebob collectibles, and for even owning an authentic animation cel from the show. Last year, I thought it’d be fun for a group of us to Continue Reading

The Holy Chan

At A-kon Dallas 2019 with our two meat sticks, everyone was either trying to steal them or pet them. Lol I love my meat sticks. I originally made this costume for A-Fest Dallas 2018, after my love for One Piece and being Jewelry Bonney is my favorite character I had Continue Reading

Mhysa Cosplay

The first time I wore it, I realized that I had not made the hoop skirt strong enough, as it kept collapsing every time I moved, and I had to keep fluffing it out again. I also discovered I had to be very careful wearing it outside, as the fur Continue Reading

Cassandra Ariel

Meg has always been my favorite character. She was different from all of the other Disney leading ladies; sassy, witty, willing to sacrifice her own life for the people she loves. She wasn’t perfect, she was a loner. She was also done of the first characters to really show brokenness Continue Reading