Kelby King

Eternal Sailor Moon (Elizabethan inspired version) // Cosplayer : Kelby King // Photo : Mason Ward I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, it being my first anime, so I’ve always wanted to cosplay as her. While I am a major magical girl fan, I am also really into historical Continue Reading

Brown Suga Outlaw

Calliope from the Disney’s Hercules // Cosplayer : BrownSugaOutlaw Every February I put together cosplays of black women in all forms of need media to celebrate Black History Month. The year I put together the Muses, I was only able to do four costumes so I wanted to start everything Continue Reading

Michael & C.R.

Al & Peggy Bundy from Married with Children // Cosplayer : Michael & C.R. // Photo : DTJAAAAM The idea came to me a few months back like a bolt of lightning (pardon the Back to the Future line). I watched Married With Children since I was a kid and Continue Reading


Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty // Cosplayer : paisleyandglue // Photo : jayncoke This is an original design of Disney’s Maleficent, using her classic silhouette of dagged sleeves and a horned headdress while drawing inspiration from high fashion, historical and fantasy armor designs and fantasy dragon art. I’ve always loved Maleficent Continue Reading


She-Ra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power // Cosplayer : meru.cosplay // Photo : tobiousphotos This was one of those costumes that looked simple to create, but was actually somewhat complicated. There were a lot of new skills learned in terms of working with new materials and techniques. Thankfully, Continue Reading


Pharaoh Atem from Yugioh : Fudgie / Photo : Paul Mike I came up with Pharaoh Atem when I was Team USA for the Clara Cow Cosplay cup in The Netherlands, Europe. With my competition costume already completed my cosplay partner (VerglasPrince) and I wanted to cosplay from the show Yugioh, yet do costumes that people Continue Reading


The Genie from Aladdin : Donnie I have been cosplaying the Genie for about five years now.  I began working on him because Robin Williams is my celebrity hero and I have loved the character since I was young.  I wanted to do a character that wasn’t seen at cons Continue Reading