Kimmie Katt

Sinestro from Green Lantern // Cosplayer : Kimmie Katt Cosplay // Photographer : I’m very much into cosplaying more villainous/darker characters (I think it’s my RBF lol), and he’s definitely one you don’t see very often… added bonus, his yellow and fuchsia colour contrast! I love that his whole thing is FEAR Continue Reading


Nessa from Pokemon // Cosplayer : chibith0t / Photo : topherblev I haven’t worn her to a con yet but when I posted the photos online and I never expected to get such an amazing response since so many people had cosplayed her at that point. I was so happy that people received Continue Reading


Man Spider from Spiderman // Cosplayer : Karrver // Photo : MiltonPix It came from a deep love of Spider Man from our childhood and especially the 90s cartoon. So with spider-verse and the Tom Holland Spider-Man popping off this year we knew it was the year to express our Continue Reading