Funtime Foxy X The Mangle from Five Nights at Freddy’s // Cosplayer : Skywarped33 / Photo : Well my costume is actually a kind of mash up between 2 similar characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s. The two characters are “Funtime Foxy” and “The Mangle”, I call the combination “Funtime Mangle”. I Continue Reading

Ikkicon 2019

My last convention of the year was Ikkicon in Austin, TX. Ikkicon has been around since 2007 but I didn’t start attending until 2012 when they moved to the AT&T Conference Center. Ikkicon is what I consider a mid-size anime con. Attendance numbers aren’t released but I consider mid-size to Continue Reading

Shogun Vader

Shogun Vader // Cosplayer : Shogun_Vader // Photo : ChrisWoldPhoto The genesis of my costume is actually a little unusual; rather than creating the costume, and then the prop, it was actually the prop that created the costume. I had received my very first custom lightsaber, a Saberforge “Katana”, as Continue Reading


Lucia Fex from Promare // Cosplayer : CeruriCosplay // Photo : PaoImages When watching Promare, she instantly became one of my favorites! I put aside some other projects to focus on her since I felt so motivated. She’s a fun character! Most of the things for it were bought and Continue Reading