Magikarp from Pokemon // Cosplayer : lucasmh42 While cosplaying Shiny Magikarp, this one guy comes up to me, furious, because he had never been able to catch one in Pokemon Go. He took my photo while flicking me off the whole time. The dude was insane, but it was hilarious Continue Reading

Dezbah Rose

Indigenous Punk Wonder Woman // Cosplayer : Dezbah Rose // Photo : Terrance Clifford When people ask how long I’ve been cosplaying, I always tell them that I’ve been dressing up my entire life. Crafting our Halloween costumes has always been something that my family did together, and that just Continue Reading


DW from Arthur // Cosplayer : Ubehime // Photo : DTJAAAAM DW has become so integrated into my experience as a cosplayer because she reminds me to never forget to have fun. I always describe myself as a simple meme and being DW helps me avoid contributing towards the toxic Continue Reading


Cutethulhu // Cosplayer : malunabear // Photo : m15terp1nk I am kind of a perfectionist and I don’t have the confidence in myself to cosplay outside of a mascot. I also struggle with being the center of attention – I don’t really like it normally. In my mascot, though, I Continue Reading