PantsTresBien (Anthy)

My favorite moment ever as Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena was trying to go up the escalators in this big costume that I had a friend in front and a friend behind me gelding different parts of my skirt so that it didn’t get caught in the grids. Sadly I still couldn’t see my feet so getting on and off was always a struggle that I almost fell back a few times. And I fear escalators!

I’ve always been intrigued by Anthy’s characterization and found she had many similarities to myself. So when two close friends who were already working on Utena and Nanami asked if I wanted to join them, I couldn’t resist!

I made the cosplay in about a month or two. The hoop skirt under the skirt was bought from Amazon while the earrings, tiara, and brooch were purchased from Etsy maker UniqueCosplayForest. I used taffeta fabric in red and a darker red for the main base and used satin for the blue pleats and pockets. It’s about 5 pieces total: the skirt, top, pleated “skirt”, and 2 wrist pieces. There’s a bit of interfacing on the top and the pockets are functional! I think I still have coins for the Purikura machine in them lol. The shoulder pads are fabric wrapped EVA foam toothpick into a gold painted foam circle that has yarn tassels coming from it and confirmed with a gold cording that I glued and wrapped around myself. There were definitely a lot of frustrating moments and burned fingers.

Also the skirt is all one piece but out together to look lIke separate pieces. I think when I remake pieces of this cosplay, I especially want to rework the skirt and make it more Victorian in a way. I also wanting to fix up some seams on the top eventually when I have time between work and other cosplays! I also want to remake the wig. It’s a Ferrari in Plum from Arda Wigs that had been through so much because of me. Lots of Bobby pins and hairspray while curlers helped lift up the bangs just a bit. Most of the curled updo was just done with finger twirling and pins, no backing to hold it up. So next time I want to make it a lot more sturdy so traveling and wear don’t destroy it! 

Anyway, my December/January was spent watching episodes of Utena as I sewed, pinned, and gathered every piece of the costume. I was so thankful to get a Dress Form for Christmas which helped so much with fitting and seeing the project more visually. I’m someone who will hate seeing the bits and pieces I made until their all together so this really helped with self esteem! I highly recommend if you don’t have one and are like me, try to lay out the costume somehow so you can see it coming together. 

Honestly, cosplay has made me grow as a person. I’m a total introvert but it becomes a conversation piece with congoers, friends, and family and has taken me out of my shell these past few years. I’ve gotten closer to friends from the past through this hobby and now we cosplay together when we can and cheer each other on during “con deadlines”. Plus, as I stated earlier, I’ve made new friends who may or may not cosplay that I truly cherish from these experiences. 

Cosplay is a fun hobby and I recommend to anyone who has any interest in that or conventions! It’s ok to buy, thrift, or make your outfit as long as you’re having fun! That’s what matters most with this: fun. If you feel burnt out, take a break. If you’re scrapping budget and money to make or costume or go to a con, please don’t stress yourself with this. There’s so many other cons and your personal health matters most.

—- PantsTresBien

Photo : Felix Wong Photography