Paraluman Cosplay

Arthenya VI, The Archpapess from Raging Heroes : paralumancosplay // Photo: sixtus

My Aunt, Eta, is my huge inspiration. She’s the reason why I became an accountant. And without her help, my family wouldn’t make it out here in the US. My first 6 months in the country, she taught me a lot of things and encouraged me to be independent. I will never forget when she told me that, “Being in this country, everything is possible.”. She reminded me that I have grit and a hard worker, so getting my own place and being independent would be easy for me. And you know what, she is right! I never knew I would be able to get both my dream jobs – having a professional career as a remote accountant, and the other as an artist (through cosplay).

I love playing board games, RPGs and tabletop war gaming. What attracted me to this company Raging Heroes, is that their specialty is creating and representing strong female characters with various age, race and body types.

Everyone really enjoyed seeing the cosplay in person. A lot of people have been following my build for this cosplay, since it started, and they are so happy to finally see it in person. One memorable moment was when I was explaining the 3D printed beads at the bottom of the skirt – everyone was gathering around because they loved seeing all the details that I put into creating and sewing the beads. And I was also wearing/carrying a “back pack” of sorts, which is a miniature cathedral that opens up. Inside of it is the actual miniature of the character I was cosplaying. Every time I showed the back and people opened it, everyone really loved it!


I created the entire cosplay. The hardest part was sewing and 3D printing the custom beads found in the skirt of the character. I was yet to master my sewing skills and I wanted everything to look “clean” for the competition. All pieces of the cosplay is wearable for other outfits as well. Since I devoted a lot of time creating this cosplay, I wanted to make sure I can reuse every single piece. The corset is actually reversible, and the petticoats can be worn as a skirt as well. I wanted all pieces to be as versatile as can be so it’s not just sitting in a shelf somewhere. Designing the beads on TinkerCAD took forever, as there are so many intricacies you need to keep in mind when designing anything to be 3d printed. It was also my first time 3d printing anything.

(( Read more about her construction here ))

My first cosplay was Chun Li and my first convention was Wizard World – Chicago. This was in 2013. I really enjoyed seeing everyone being creative with their cosplays. C2E2 2014 just gave cosplaying a whole other meaning for me! I have never seen people go above and beyond their creativity and imagination with their cosplays. And this is when I decided to create Galacta (daughter of Galactus). I was imagining creating a skirt that would look like the earth floating in the galaxy. It was a very hard build at the time because I was just beginning to learn foam-smithing and sewing. I have never entered a professional competition before, but I decided – why not try for Crown Championship of Cosplay in 2016? I luckily qualified on my first try, and have competed every single year until last year. It was such a great experience and I would love to create something for next year!