Paranoia Boi (Spiderman)

My cosplay is actually based on a picture I posted on Facebook back in April that went viral. So I decided that it would be a great idea to do it in person and for people to see a “meme in real life”. The original Spiderman suit I used was a simple morph suit but I recently upgraded to a better quality “MCU Spiderman” Suit from the Captain America: Civil War movie / Spiderman: Homecoming. It was being sold in a cosplay buy/sell group and i got very lucky .

As for all the Uncle Ben boxes…. My mom coupons. Like. Crazy. So over time, she kept getting more and more boxes until I decided “I’m going to do something silly with this.. I brought about 70 boxes of rice. 50 to make the body and 20 extras… just in case I wanted to give some away or if any boxes got crushed or anything. Carrying the big box around wasn’t so bad this time around because a lot of the rice boxes are actually empty. So it was a big weight off my shoulders….. literally. I sat there for probably about 3 ½ hours (maybe longer).. It’s the longest I’ve done it so far. Time swings by when you’re having fun and making people laugh.

What were the response at the con ? Sooooo many laughs. I heard many people go “Awwwwww”, “Oh my god thats so wrong.”, “OHHHH I GET IT!!”, “dude you’re Facebook famous!”, “I’m sorry for your loss.” & “OH NO! UNCLE BEN!”.

— Paranoia Boi

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