PaxC (Junko)

On the day I wore Junko, people seemed to be really awed by the wigs. I got stopped for so many pictures my friends and I set up a timer for the time between each picture! The longest we timed was about three minutes. It was a huge confidence boost!

I’ve been cosplaying Junko from Danganronpa for a while now! Taking her to this recent con was a last minute decision! I chose to cosplay her Beta version because it was a design I felt needed more real-life representation! So the cosplay itself was a regular Junko cosplay from eBay! It was loose and baggy so I altered it to be more form-fitting. The wigs are two afros and a blonde base from Amazon. I turned the afros into clips stuffed with pillow fluff. Funnily enough, the base was too pale, so the morning of the con I dyed it in my friend’s kitchen over the stove.

—- PaxC

Photo : David Ngo

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