Psy Phi

Captain America X Mr Roger’s Neighborhood // Cosplayer : Psy Phi

The average reaction time from con goers was about 30 seconds from the time they first saw my cosplay to when they figured out what I was doing. Once people saw me for the second time, they came up to me really excited because they understood the connection and they loved the idea. Through cosplay, I have learned how important positive energy can be. Make someone else smile and you’ve made both yours and their day a little brighter. Spread that light through a crowd, and you can brighten the world.

Mr. Rogers was a huge part of my childhood. I looked up to him and because of him, the principle of being good to your fellow man was instilled in me. I know he had that effect on so many others as well and for that, I see him as a true hero. Aside from the obvious connection between the two sharing the same last name, I see both Captain America and Mr. Rogers as men of true virtue. Something I think everyone should strive for a little more these days. After that, it was just a matter of finding ways to relate other Avengers to characters from the neighborhood. Ironman became the trolley, Scarlet Witch became Henrietta, and Hawkeye became X the Owl. I have mashed up other characters as well but that is for another time.