Rainy Circus (Felicia)

I have always wanted to do Felicia from Darkstalkers since a couple of years ago in college, thinking about getting into cosplay. After I established a friend group during Anime Weekend Atlanta, a friend told me she wanted to do Morrigan and I should do Felicia. I couldn’t possibly say no and since I wanted to do her for years, I decided to make her. When I cosplayed Felicia for the first time at Holiday Matsuri, I convinced my Morrigan to act in one of the adult cosplay contests. They had a pole and I kept slipping off because of the fur. I actually slid off the pole and did a split on the floor. I ended up scrapping my knee. Was a fun but painful time.

I used faux fur and made all the pieces from scratch. I tried to use patterns to make the finger and leg pieces but they became too complicated so I followed my heart and just decided to be created. I used a lingerie/bra pattern to make the bikini and used spirit gum to keep all the pieces on my body so it didn’t fall down when I moved. When making the ears, I cut out a long piece like I was making a scarf and attached ears to them. I cut out a lot of triangles and used pink felt fabric for the inside of her ears. I glued on pink nails I found that was in the perfect shape so I didn’t have to file them into sharp claws.

When I started learning how to sew a year ago, I was going through such a hard mental breakdown that I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I wanted to run away from everything and never come back. I wasn’t confident. I wasn’t secure and I was really close to giving up on my life. When I started cosplaying, it replaced previous hobbies that I couldn’t do anymore.

Hearing all my fabrics stitch together through my sewing machine made my hands not be idle, and it was soothing. It was then that I started to think that instead of running away in reality, why not take the time to create and become a character that I want to be and learn to love myself more. When I became the character I made, it was like a switch. I felt so good. I felt like all the issues and feelings around myself had been channeled into something amazing. It pushed me to go to more cons and travel outside of my bubble and I’ve made some great friends, especially in the black cosplay community. Cosplay let me know that I have so much potential and that I can create better and harder things to help me cope with my issues.

— Rainy Circus Cosplay

Photo : PAO Images

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