Ricky Regalado (Spiderman)

I came up with the idea for a Halloween costume contest about five years ago. The next time Emerald City Comic Con came around after that, I decided to wear it and it ended up being a huge hit.

I honestly was standing in a costume store wondering what two things I should put together, and that’s what I came up with. I ended up putting the spider symbol on the front of a poncho, sewed a mustache to the mask, threw on a sombrero and called it good!

Cosplay for me is probably the most fun part of going to conventions. You get to put yourself into another characters shoes for a day and get to break away from yourself for a bit, along with entertaining those around you. I always look forward to new ideas and the process that goes into my next cosplays.

—- Ricky Regalado

Photo : Louie Romo

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