Robin Johnson Jr.

Afro Samurai from Afro Samurai / Cosplayer : Robin Johnson Jr. // photo : thegonzostudio

Cosplay is empowering.  It helps me leave all the stress of everyday life to the side and enjoy the moment.  There is nothing better than seeing a kid’s eyes light up.  Knowing that I have connected and made someone happy, helped them see cosplay is for everyone is what keeps me going.

I have wanted to do Afro Samurai for some time now… getting back into Wizard as a cosplay guest I wanted to bring more than the regular supersuits I make.  So I went for it.  It was a bonus to hear Kelly Hu was attending.  The best part was when I overheard Kelly Hu say…. “Now that’s Afro Samurai”  

For the costume, I took reference images from the show and the work of my friend Michael Knightmage Wilson. The majority of the suit sewn.  The top was made in a traditional fashion kimono top.  The pants I had problems with.  Originally I made a fitted Hakama pant. But with Hakama pants the sides are open.  So I decided to make a pleather bell bottom pant.  Below the knee, I gathered the bottom and put a ring of boning to keep the pant open.  The afro was chopped styled and bobby pinned to give it the side fro look.  Lastly, the headband had gauge wire so that it would always look as if it were in the wind.

Wizard World Austin to me is a true experience for people into heroes and pop culture.  From celebrities from past to present, western heroes to anime, gaming, retro, cosplay and artist it has everything under one roof.  My favorite part is connecting with congoers and I have never had a bad experience with a celebrity.  The vendors and celebrities Wizard World brings out are all classy and very outgoing. In short, you leave Wizard World having a lot of new friends.