Diana The Great (Sailor Moon)

I underestimated how much of an impact that this cosplay would make. Sailor Moon brings out a bit of nostalgia for me, as she was one of my heroes when I was young. Everyone was so delighted to see it, since it’s not a very commonly created cosplay.

I first got the idea for a transformation cosplay from two areas: a dress that I saw in the explore section of Instagram and a transformation swimsuit that I had bought in the summer of 2018. it was a one piece that was styled to look like the sparkles and ribbons flowing from her brooch. I thought that it would be neat to actually bring something like that to life. I like to put my own spin on my cosplays and felt like I really could do Usagi justice with my ideas. in researching that one picture that I could never find, I found very few, but still a small number of other Henshin/ Transformation cosplays out there and saw that this is something that isn’t done very often.

Cosplay and creating something is my happy place. making something brings me peace and satisfaction, even if I wind up sacrificing sleep lol. it’s always worth it in the end, and it brings me so much joy to see that I am able to bring something from a thought or an idea, into reality. I try to represent for the brown girls and plus sized women, to show that you have a place in anything that you do, no matter what. and, I guess, sometimes, I can be truly magical.

The costume was put together in about two and a half months. the wings are constructed from 12 gauge wire, chicken netting, felt, PVC tubing, and 300+ feathers, individually placed with lots of hot glue.. the wig was an Amazon purchase but dyed with Rit Dye More synthetic dye. the galaxy bodysuit was originally hot pink spandex that I dyed with purple fabric dye and painted with pink, white, and glitter fabric paint before sewing it together. the ribbon suit was the most daunting task because the fabric frayed since it was woven together. I worked on it literally every day after work since the beginning of February until last week. it is compiled of multiple pieces of fabric that I cut into 3.5 inch strips, hemmed, and then layered and stitched together iI fused it on top of a stretch bodysuit and then prayed it would work. the moon emblem on my forehead is made out of worbla, and the brooch I purchased from an etsy store. the strips for the gloves and shoes were made with a pattern I created from my own arm, and then sewn together, or glued to an old pair of shoes.

—- Diana The Great

Photo : Stellar Robin

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