Sammi Qwok (Diglett)

Diglett was one of those “lol” costumes that I’d always said I’d make one day, and I just decided that I was going to finally do it last fall.  I first modeled Diglett loosely on Google sketchup to figure out the dimensions of everything, especially how it would fit over my 5’4″ frame.  The rest was a combination of precise measuring, guesswork, and lots of trial and error.  His frame was built primarily out of irrigation tubing, wire, and nylon webbing–with rigid PVC rings here and there for structural support.  I tried to rush Diglett to be ready for a convention in the Fall, but decided to wait at the last minute since I wanted him to be as perfect as possible for his debut.  I’m glad I did since the first nose I made for him was comically large!

It was great fun debuting Diglett at Katsucon this year.  The weather was perfect for him, since I was kept at the perfect temperature when walking around outdoors under layers of batting and fleece.  I loved the reaction I was getting from everyone.  It ranged from “weird” to “ADORABLE!” and certainly drew many double-takes haha.  Also a huge thanks to my partner, Jerry for all his help in the construction of Diglett, as well as for being my eyes and ears while I practically stumbled blindly across the con.  He even had a small speaker on him playing Diglett sounds on loop! That was a big hit as well.  Now, Diglett sits taking up space adorably in a corner of a hallway at home.  But I have NO REGRETS.  I can’t express how happy I am that I finally went and did it.

Sammi Qwok

Photo : Rizuki

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