BanzaiBabee (Samurai Mario)

Despite the costume being so bright and eye-catching, I was constantly surprised by how I seemed to almost sneak up on folks. I’m a pretty short girl (5’1″) and real easily lost in the crowd, and the costume is one that always seemed to take folks a couple seconds to process. So it always seemed like people would only notice me at the last second, walk a few feet past me as the gears spun, and then come running back a few seconds later with “Samurai Mario, can I take a picture?” It was fun watching the realization dawn on folks and seeing a big grin break out on their face.

I build and make things (mostly woodworking) on Twitch (BanzaiBaby), and I particularly enjoy taking normal things and riffing on them with a geek or video game theme. I’ve made cutting boards, N64 tables, Portal companion cube cat boxes, etc. A few weeks ago, I came across a guide for DIY cardboard samurai armor, and I fell in love with the idea of crafting a nicer version of it. Mario has a samurai costume in Mario Odyssey, and putting the two ideas together I thought it would be fun to riff on the idea of a “Mushroom Kingdom samurai”.

The costume is made mostly out of EVA foam of varying thicknesses, with a baseball catcher’s skull cap as the basis of the helmet. I stitched it all together with gold satin thread. Surprisingly, the thing that took the most time was measuring out and punching out all the holes for the thread, not the threading itself. I used my drill press to speed things up there, but the great thing about this costume is that anyone could pull this off with some patience and without needing special tools.

Being completely honest, I’m much more of a prop maker and general builder than I am a cosplayer. I’m definitely a big nerd though, and cosplay gives me the opportunity to challenge my building talents in unconventional and fun ways. Working on the cosplay and props I’ve done has given me more confidence to try using new materials and creative solutions for all my other builds. The cosplay community is also a fantastic one, and I love so many of the people I’ve gotten to meet through it.


Photo : Romolouie

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